Management Consultancy

business consultancy

The work done by a consulting firm which focuses on advising companies on the best ways to manage and operate their business.


Some common management consultancy activities are Strategic Planning, Organizational Design and Structure, Process Improvement, Performance Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Market Research and Analysis, Business Process Reengineering, Risk Management, Technology and Digital Transformation, Project Management, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility & Sales and Marketing Strategies.
The four phases of management consultancy are Discovery and Diagnosis Phase, Analysis and Planning Phase, Implementation Phase, Evaluation and Feedback Phase. Successful management consultancy projects are built on effective communication, trust, and a strong partnership between the consultants and the client organization.
The common levels in management consulting are Analyst / Consultant, Senior Consultant / Associate, Manager, Senior Manager / Principal & Partner / Director.
The commonly recommended approaches in management consultancy are Problem-Solving Frameworks, Data-Driven Analysis, Benchmarking, Lean and Six Sigma, Change Management, Business Process Reengineering, Strategic Planning, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Innovation and Creativity, Agile Methodology, Customer-Centric Approaches, Root Cause Analysis, Design Thinking & Scenario Planning.